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The patented design Ezy Cliptm lap and cap fence, from Ezy Cliptm Fencing Systems is the only one of it’s kind in Australia.

We have combined the natural appearance of treated pine with strong durable colour coated steel posts and rails to produce an aesthetically appealing fence that will last for over 30 years and add value onto your home.

Imagine an attractive, natural looking timber fence that won’t lean, sag or rot, that after 30 years will still be standing proud in its original position.

That fence is here. It is the Ezy Clip Fencing Systems, a patented Australian design which has been developed for our harsh climate.

The Ezy Clip Fence means that a colour steel fence is no longer the only option for  a hard wearing, long life fence. When you consider the negatives of steel fences, such as the radiant heat projected off them onto gardens and children’s play areas…..the permanence of dents or scratches…the lack of flexibility to suit all sloping blocks of land……THE EZY CLIP FENCE WILL ELIMINATE ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS!!


EZY CLIP Fencing Systems

The only one of it's kind in Australia

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